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Types of Cabins - jetBlue

JetBlue offers a range of cabin options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of travelers. From the budget-friendly and comfortable Economy Class to the exclusive luxury of Mint and Mint Studio, JetBlue ensures that every passenger enjoys a memorable and satisfying journey. Whether you're seeking affordability, extra legroom, or a premium travel experience, JetBlue's cabin options offer something for everyone. Regardless of the cabin class you choose, you can expect exceptional service, modern amenities, and the trademark JetBlue hospitality that has made the airline a preferred choice for travelers worldwide.

Economy Class:

JetBlue's Economy Class, also known as "Core," provides passengers with a comfortable and affordable travel option. The airline prides itself on offering one of the most generous legroom spaces in the industry, ensuring a more relaxed journey. The ergonomic seats are designed with adjustable headrests and ample width, making even long-haul flights more comfortable. Passengers in Economy Class can also enjoy complimentary in-flight entertainment, including a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and music to keep them entertained throughout their journey. 

Even More Space:

For those seeking extra legroom and a more spacious seating arrangement, JetBlue offers the "Even More Space" option. This cabin class provides an increased seat pitch, allowing passengers to stretch out and enjoy a more comfortable experience. With Even More Space, travelers also enjoy early boarding privileges, allowing for a smoother embarkation process. This cabin class is ideal for those who desire a bit more comfort without opting for a premium class fare. 

Mint: JetBlue's Premium Cabin:

JetBlue's Mint is the airline's premium cabin class, designed to provide a luxurious and upscale travel experience. Mint is available on select transcontinental and international flights. Passengers flying Mint enjoy an array of premium amenities, including lie-flat seats with massage and adjustable firmness features, providing the utmost comfort and relaxation. The spacious and private cabin layout ensures a serene and exclusive ambiance. Additionally, Mint passengers indulge in a gourmet dining experience with a curated menu of delicious meals prepared by renowned chefs. Enhanced entertainment options, including larger screens and noise-canceling headphones, add to the overall luxury of the Mint experience. Travelers in the Mint cabin also benefit from expedited check-in, dedicated airport services, and additional baggage allowances. 

JetBlue Mint Studio:

JetBlue takes the Mint experience to the next level with the introduction of Mint Studio, available on select aircraft. Mint Studio offers an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury, featuring the largest lie-flat bed in the U.S. domestic premium market. This cabin class allows passengers to enjoy a dedicated seating area with an adjacent guest seat, perfect for travelers who wish to socialize or collaborate during the flight. Mint Studio's spacious layout provides an elevated and exclusive travel experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the utmost comfort and privacy.